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    Join YCYW to KEEP fit on a 30-day challenge


    20 Oct, 2022

    09 : 17

    • Sports has always been a regular theme for Founder's Day and remains an important part of YCYW school life.


      Right from kindergarten, children are encouraged to participate fully in sports activities. A rich curriculum of physical education is on offer from primary to upper secondary. PE not only develops stamina, perseverance, leadership skills and teamwork, it also shapes emotional perceptions, human relationships, and values, through teamwork.


      Celebrating its 90th anniversary, YCYW has joined hands with sports and fitness app 'KEEP' to create a fresh challenge. The "Train . Shine . Achieve" campaign integrates daily in-class and outdoor sports activities in a fun and competitive manner through this application. The challenge points are scored both online and offline.


      YCYW KEEP challenge - 1


      The offline portion of the challenge will be carried out in classrooms across the entire school network over the course of a month. ECE and primary students will complete a minimum of nine days of exercise led by teachers while secondary students will need to accumulate 9km of runs or walks in their PE classes. Students in each class who collect the most consecutive days of work-out points will receive an official certificate and a gift from school.


      Apart from YCYW students and teachers, the challenge is open to all persons who wish to test their endurance through exercise. They would need to register on the KEEP app and accumulate a total of 30km of recorded runs to receive an online completion certificate along with a chance to win some great prizes. 

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